About the Academic Library

The Academic Library aims to bring the latest and best academic texts directly online to academic institutions, their staff and students.

The books are in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, and are fully page compatible with the paper versions, which means that all references apply to both versions. All have links to the table of contents.

All books are fully searchable using one of the fastest and most sophisticated search engine available. As well as comprehensive free text search, there are also Boolean (and, or, not), proximity (one word within n words of another), fuzzy (accomodates alternative forms or misspelling) and word stemming (all forms of a word) search functions.

The search engine makes extensive use of metadata. Books can be searched on any combination of title, author, subject, keywords, date published and their ISBN. Search results may be sorted by title, author or date of publication as well as by the number of hits for each search term.

Access to the texts themselves is by institutional subscription only, but you can view the lists of collections and books by clicking on Title List in the bar above. Where possible the books have links to retailers websites, giving more information on the texts and pricing for the paper or CD versions.

The Academic Library offers significant advantages for librarians and publishers as well as for students and academics.

For librarians advantages include:

  • Unlimited simultaneous access. Titles are never unavailable.
  • Lists are continually updated and the latest titles are instantly available
  • Access by both Athens and IP address, allowing distanced learning where appropriate.
  • Subscriptions can include individual titles or complete collections in any combination, maximising cost-efficiency.
  • Titles or collections can be added to the subscription at any time.

For publishers the benefits include:

  • Access to the fastest growing sector of publishing and one which is bound to take a major share of future business.
  • PDF format means minimal cost in conversion for web viewing.
  • Online viewing is a major marketing platform for paper versions.
  • Online statistical reports give usage data never before available.

If you are an academic librarian you can have a free trial of the system by clicking on the bar above

"We have found The Academic Library extremely useful. It has opened up electronic access to a whole range of material in the social sciences for the first time."
Glyn Price, Technical Services Manager,
The LSE Library